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Joining forces with colleges to end the degree divide

Every year, 300,000 low-income students enroll in four-year colleges and universities, but only 50 percent graduate within six years. Will yours?

The Catalyze partnership model is College Possible’s newest initiative to impact student persistence and success directly on college campuses. Our model is unique in the way it helps your institution build capacity to serve your own students by embedding our near-peer coaching model and curriculum on your  campus. Using this partnership model, College Possible seeks to extend the reach of your campus’ existing student support services, increase student retention rates and close the opportunity divide for low-income students.


  • Why Catalyze?

    For 18 years, College Possible has refined its model of near-peer coaching using a research-based curriculum, and is now a national leader in college success programming. Our dedicated near-peer coaches guide and support students on their path to and through college, making College Possible students four times more likely to earn their degrees than their low-income peers.

    We know that many colleges and universities are committed to supporting students from low-income backgrounds, but they often lack the staff or resources to fully support these students in the way they would like to. The Catalyze partnership allows you and your colleagues to tailor our proven approach to meet your institution’s unique needs.

    By partnering with College Possible, you can enhance your support services for low-income students, increase student retention rates graduate more students from low-income backgrounds. Together, we can close the opportunity gap.

  • What is the "near-peer" coaching model?

    Our near-peer coaching model leverages the power of passionate, dedicated recent college graduates to offer advice and mentorship to young people as they navigate the complex world of college completion.

    Multiple research studies have validated that a student’s relationship with a coach close in age to them produces significant positive outcomes, including better grades, higher course completion rates, increased knowledge of campus resources, improved ability to work through difficulties in college and higher self-esteem. These outcomes often translate into higher retention and graduation rates for your students.

  • What institutions currently partner with Catalyze?

    Catalyze programming currently supports nearly 1,000 students on four partner campuses, and we will expand our partnership to three new campuses beginning fall 2018.

    2017-18 Partners:

    • Augsburg University – Minneapolis, MN
    • College of St. Benedict – Collegeville, MN
    • St. John’s University – Collegeville, MN
    • Cloud State University – St. Cloud, MN


    2018-19 Partners:

    • Coe College – Cedar Rapids, IA
    • Luther College – Decorah, IA
    • University of Cincinnati-College of Arts and Sciences – Cincinnati, OH


  • How can I learn more?

    If you’re interested in learning more about the Catalyze partnership model and how it can benefit your campus, please reach out to Carrie Carroll, senior partnerships manager, at

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