Joining Forces with Colleges to Close the Degree Divide

Together we’ll catalyze systems-level change across higher education to foster more low-income college graduates.

COLLEGE POSSIBLE will collaborate with teams at postsecondary institutions to recruit, hire and manage near-peer coaches. These college teams will then deliver the College Possible approach on campus by working closely with students to increase graduation rates.

Prove Peer-to-Peer Coaching Through College Graduation

  • Embedded coaches motivate, support and connect students to critical campus resources, across a wide range of needs.
  • Coaches are highly motivated, idealistic recent graduates serving as AmeriCorps members on their alma mater campuses.

A National Network of College Possible Schools and Coaches

  • The infusion of resources, expertise and a coast-to-coast network of coaches will empower existing efforts and teams.

Data-Driven Coaching and Interventions

  • Coaching is guided by data and ultimately predictive analytics that inform when and how coaches support students.

College Possible is Positioned to Lead Through Fifteen Years of Success

  • Coaching students from low-income backgrounds.
  • Recruiting, training and managing recent graduates engaged in a year of national service.
  • Earning top-of-field results for college access and persistence.
Join Us, Join the Conversation
  • Philanthropic partners are invited to join the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and the Travelers Foundation in bringing our solution to scale.
  • Colleges and universities are encouraged to learn more about becoming a College Possible Campus.
  • Members of the media are welcome to interview CEO and Founder, Jim McCorkell.

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