Chicago Board

  • Beth Satterfield

    Beth Satterfield

    Managing Director – Head of Market Development, William Blair
    Chairman of the Board
  • Martha Boudos

    Martha Boudos

    Executive Director, Ahearn Family Foundation
    Board Member
  • Chanel Coney

    Chanel Coney

    Director of Marketing, Chicago Fundamental Investment Partners, LLC
    Board Member
  • Craig Huffman

    Craig Huffman

    Co-Founder and Principal, Ascendance Partners
    Board Member
  • Kristin Kranias

    Kristin Kranias

    Senior Vice President, Analytical Solutions, HAVI
    Board Member
  • Carol Levy

    Carol Levy

    Co-Owner of Material Possessions
    Board Member
  • Carol Rubin

    Senior Advisor to the Provost, University of Chicago
    Board Member
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