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Breiona Caldwell is a freshman at Albright College who graduated from West Philadelphia High School last year. Now in her first year, Breiona is a part of College Possible Philadelphia’s first group of students to move onto college. Majoring in Communications and Theatre, she hopes to pursue a career in Public Relations, while also keeping her dreams of writing and acting glued to her hip.

This wasn’t exactly how her college track started, however. Quickly into her first semester, Breiona realized the majors she chose weren’t the right fit. It was with help from her College Coach, Sarah, that she decided to change her majors to Communications and Theatre. Throughout this transition, Breiona voiced just how supportive her coach was: “She’s provided me with a lot of resources to help me study, or in any other way I’ve needed help.”

The change has been nothing but positive for Breiona, and has even pushed her to join an assortment of clubs and organizations on and around campus. She’s involved in a couple local improv groups, the campus newspaper as a contributing writer, and a tutoring program run by Albright for ESL students at a nearby elementary school. The first year of college is often a struggle for many students—especially coming from marginalized communities—yet Breiona shows how our students turn plight into propellers, not only for their own professional dreams and aspirations, but also for making positive impacts in their communities.

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