“It was a really big deal!”

Quinn knew that to become an engineer, he’d need to go to college. He just wasn’t sure how to get there. With some encouragement from his parents and guidance counselor, Quinn joined College Possible’s Tech-Connected High School pilot program.

“I enjoy school, and with what I want to do in engineering, I knew I had to go to college,” said Quinn. “I knew anything to help me get into college was a good thing.”

Quinn is a student at Cannon Falls High School, which is located in a rural community in southern Minnesota. The Tech-Connected High School program pairs students in communities across the state with coaches they connect with over the phone, text message, and social media.

As a junior, Quinn was paired with Abby, a College Possible Coach. Over the last two years, they have worked together on ACT preparation, the college application process and financial aid and scholarship applications.

“Abby has helped keep me on track, to get me where I want to go,” says Quinn. “The program is flexible, which works really well for me because I’m pretty busy.”

Quinn knew that receiving scholarships would be an important step in funding his education. One scholarship that Quinn applied to is called the Ross Wagner Scholarship. This scholarship, which is offered by Gemini Incorporated, provides up to $25,000 each year for a maximum of $100,000 over four years for students majoring in engineering.

“Since he was one of the eight finalists for the scholarship, he got an interview, which was exciting in itself,” said Abby. “I was talking on the phone with him the night before he found out if he got it—we were discussing his financial aid package and how it would be really helpful to get this scholarship.”

The next day, Abby spotted a photo of Quinn on the Cannon Falls Schools Facebook page congratulating him on receiving the Ross Wagner scholarship!

“I immediately texted him in all caps with a bunch of emoji’s,” says Abby. “It was a really big deal!”

Quinn will be studying engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall and is excited about the possibilities the program there has to offer.

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