Meet Paw Shee

Born in Burma, Paw Shee encountered violence, conflict, and struggle. At the age of three, Burmese soldiers attacked her village in the middle of the night. Her family fled and found quarters in a refugee camp, where they lived for 10 years. Paw Shee desperately wanted a better life for her and her family but had no opportunities to make that a reality.


Fortunately, her family resettled in Omaha. With access to a free education, Paw Shee’s strong desire and determination to achieve prosperity became a real option. Paw Shee was accepted to the University of Nebraska at Omaha for fall 2015, and she received several scholarships for her efforts and involvement. However, before starting school, Paw Shee was diagnosed with skin cancer. Instead of taking her first semester of classes, she spent the fall receiving treatment and recovering from surgery.


Despite her struggles, Paw Shee’s tenacity never faded.  As a sophomore at UNO, majoring in gerontology Paw Shee is involved with the Karen Students Association and talks to her College Possible coach on a regular basis. Paw Shee proves every day that with enough fortitude and strength, students can overcome any obstacle to acheive their dreams.


“College Possible helps me be successful. They support me in achieving my goals and making a difference in the world.”


Give the gift of education this holiday season to help us support more students like Paw Shee.

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