The Life of College Possible

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Meet Diana

Diana radiates tenacity. At six years old, she and her mom immigrated to the states to find better medical care for Diana. Her community rallied together to help her family pay for a surgery Diana needed when she was in fourth grade. “Even though they were struggling themselves they donated that dollar they could have used to give to me,” Diana said. She knew then she would strive for a better life for herself, her family, and her community.

Today, Diana is working towards her dream of a four-year degree. She has applied and been accepted to the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, College of Saint Mary, and Bellevue University! “I know that I’m working hard not only to give back to my family but also to my community.”

As a first generation and DACA student, Diana knows she wouldn’t have known how to navigate the college process. “Because of College Possible my life has been easier and my goals seem easier to reach. It has made me feel like college is possible. Hearing negative comments as an immigrant, as a Hispanic, a woman, and as someone who came from poverty I want to be able to say I did it.”

Meet Fahmi

Fahmi personifies charisma. Throughout his childhood, Fahmi was shielded from the wars in Sudan. His father immigrated to the States when Fahmi was five years old, while he and his mother moved to Egypt. “I was a shy kid when I was little, but I liked being able to travel and meet new people,” said Fahmi. As a first-generation college student, his parents understood the importance of a college degree, and in 2006, Fahmi and his mom followed his dad to the States.

When Fahmi joined College Possible he discovered his natural ability to network and create connections. “It’s that bond you have when you connect with your coach. You get the support that you need in high school and in college, while bonding with a group of your peers.”

Today, Fahmi is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska at Omaha working towards his dream of a college degree with the support of College Possible. “I want to be in a position that I can get a job and know I did something good in my life. I want to get an education to where I can support my family, to help my parents the way they helped me.”

“Even though I’ve made connections it wouldn’t have started without College Possible. Without College Possible I wouldn’t be as social, college wouldn’t be as easy, and I wouldn’t have the support.”

Meet Ali

Ali is the embodiment of perseverance. As a child in Sudan, Ali was surrounded by devastated villages, violence, and air strikes. His town was attacked by the Sudanese government and militiamen when he was just five years old. His family fled to the mountains and continued to Nigeria where they sought safety. Ali’s parents knew the importance of education and enrolled him in school, where he walked miles every day to attend.

At the age of 11, Ali and his family arrived in the States and resettled in Omaha. “Adapting and getting into a new culture, as well as learning a new language were the hardest for me,” said Ali. While Ali learned English in Nigeria, he still struggled with a language barrier due to his accent. Despite these obstacles, Ali learned to adapt and worked to overcome his odds by reading books, teaching his family, and immersing himself in school activities.

Today, Ali’s strong desire and determination have made a four-year education a reality. Ali was awarded the Dell Foundation Scholarship, CACE Scholarship, and the Ricki Getzschman Scholarship. He will be attending Carleton College this fall where he will pursue a degree in pre-medicine. “I’m proud of getting an education. It’s going to change my life.”