CollegePoint Coaches

  • Jenny Brooks

    Jenny Brooks

    Macalester College '16, International Studies, History, Spanish and Gender Studies
  • Megan Campbell

    Megan Campbell

    University of Wisconsin-Madison '08, Political Science and International Studies
  • Wes Carlson

    Wes Carlson

    Wartburg College '15, Business Administration
  • Emily Elkins

    Emily Elkins

    Macalester College '16, International Studies, Hispanic Studies and Educational Studies
  • Emily Goforth

    Emily Goforth

    Boston College ’15, Applied Psychology and Human Development
  • Eva Grutzner

    Eva Grutzner

    Macalester College '16, German Studies, Political Science and Educational Studies
  • Rosa Haxton

    Rosa Haxton

    St. Olaf College ’14, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Abby Herberg

    Abby Herberg

    University of Minnesota-Twin Cities '04, Scandinavian Studies
  • Sami Hodge

    Sami Hodge

    Belmont College '13, Entertainment Industry Studies and Theatre
  • Lane Holden

    Lane Holden

    Macalester College ’15, Sociology and Math
  • Katrina Mellin

    Katrina Mellin

    Macalester College '16, Hispanic Studies & Linguistics
  • Alida Moore

    Alida Moore

    Whitman College ’14, Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Francisco Perez

    Francisco Perez

    St. Olaf College '16, Economics, Sociology/Anthropology and Educational Studies
  • Abby Senuty

    Abby Senuty

    St. Olaf College '16, Sociology/Anthropology
  • Leah Skare

    Leah Skare

    University of Minnesota-Twin Cities '16, Spanish Studies
  • Erica Walker

    Erica Walker

    Skidmore College '16, Spanish, Psychology and Education
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