AmeriCorps Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are AmeriCorps VISTA & AmeriCorps?

    Both AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps are a part of the same national service organization (AmeriCorps) where individuals serve in community organizations on various issues: education, housing, technology, health industry, and others. Because College Possible receives federal AmeriCorps funding (through a grant process) to implement the program, the organization is considered an AmeriCorps program. For further clarification, please visit the AmeriCorps website at

  2. What is a living allowance?

    The AmeriCorps living allowance is the financial support provided to service members during their year of service. AmeriCorps provides about $12,530 for AmeriCorps VISTA service (this amount varies by county of service) – VISTA service is full-time, 40 hours a week for 12 months. AmeriCorps State and National service members serve 1700 hours during a 10 month period and receive a living allowance of $12,100.

  3. What is the education award?

    A $5,775 education award can be used to repay student loans or for future education expenses. Federal student loans may be deferred during the term of service; a 10-month (August 2017-June 2018) or 12-month (August 2017-August 2018) commitment is required (depending on position).

  4. When do I receive the living allowance and education award?

    The AmeriCorps living allowance is distributed every 2 weeks and the AmeriCorps VISTA living allowance is distributed 2 times per month. The education award ($5,775) is given to the Member after his or her term of service (after 10 or 12 months, depending on position).

  5. Where will I be placed for service?

    AmeriCorps High School Coaches are based in their designated high schools Monday through Thursday and spend Friday at the College Possible office for staff meetings and training.

    High School Community Partnership Members are based at the College Possible office but spend significant time during the week in their designated high schools alongside high school staff, College Possible Coaches and students, Monday-Friday.

    AmeriCorps College Coaches are based either at the College Possible office or a designated college campus, but spend time on college campuses connecting with College Possible students, Monday-Friday.

    College Community Partnerships Members, CollegePoint Coaches and all Americorps VISTAs are based at the College Possible office, Monday-Friday.

    For All Positions: Weekend events occur frequently, and Corps members are required to attend many of them.

  6. Is there health coverage?

    Yes, health coverage is offered at no cost to the Members.

  7. Am I able to have an additional (part-time) job?

    AmeriCorps State/National and VISTA allow members to hold another job during their term of service. Outside commitments must not interfere with the obligations of a College Possible term of service and are generally limited to part time employment.

  8. Who can I contact if I need help filling out my application or have questions?

    Email questions to