Our students are more than just their stories. Their success is the reason we exist.

  • What our partners are saying

    “College Possible knows exactly when to start addressing certain issues low-income students face. The program they bring to our campus is critical for achieving student success.”

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  • Meet Amy

    “As long as you keep studying, going to school – no matter how hard it is, life will get easier.”

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  • Meet Jessie

    “My college experience taught me that even when times get tough, there are always great people behind me.”

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  • Meet Hlee

    “Knowing that I always enjoyed school really pushed me through. I also want to do what I can to be a role model for my kids.”

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  • Meet Diana

    “Because of College Possible my life has been easier and my goals achievable. It has made me feel like college is possible.”

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  • Meet Ali

    “Since I am going to be the first in my family to attend college, having that guidance and mentor to provide me with resources is helpful.”

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  • Meet Montavius

    “College Possible got me to where I am today. If I can help another kid realize their dream and get some of those obstacles out of the way, I have a responsibility to pay it forward.”

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  • Meet Isaias

    “College was an option that I really wanted but I never exactly knew how to attain it.”

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  • Meet Destiny

    “My College Possible coaches haven’t just helped me increase my ACT score and apply to colleges; they’ve made me feel confident in myself.”

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  • Meet Jessica

    “Making it through college, a step that people think is impossible for students with backgrounds like mine, is the most amazing thing.”

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